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What is a Notary

A Notary in England is a member of the oldest branch of the legal profession appointed by the Court of Faculties.  An officer of the law who holds an internationally recognised public office.


A Notary could be described as a specialist lawyer whose primary role is to verify and authenticate documents for use abroad, producing where appropriate a certificate and assisting with the legalisation of the document (including an apostille from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office).


An Apostille is a certificate confirming the authenticity of the signature and seal of the Notary.  Patrick Smith can assist with guidance on what legalisation may be required.


There are two different types of Notary, Scrivener and General.  Patrick Smith is a General Notary which means he is qualified to practise anywhere in England and Wales.



Notaries are predominately  concerned with the verification for both companies and individuals of legal documents creating or affecting rights, duties and obligations outside England and Wales.


A Notary is obliged  to satisfy himself  as to the identity, signature and capacity of persons who sign legal and other documents in  his  presence.


Notaries frequently assist  with transactions/contracts  with an international element, for example if you have business or property overseas or if you are involved in litigation in foreign courts.


Notaries also deal with Powers of Attorney, witnessing property  documents and the swearing of oaths for documents, all for use overseas. Notaries endeavour to ensure that the manner in which such documents are signed  is appropriate for that document in England and overseas.



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What is a Notary Public?

What does a Notary do?

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