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•Notarising the execution of Powers of Attorney on behalf of a company, LLP or other trading medium


•Notarising certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association for UK or Foreign Companies


•Company Certificates of Good Standing


•Providing Certified Copies of Company Resolutions, Minutes, Annual Returns and other Company Documents


•Certification of the identity of Directors and  Company Secretaries


•International Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Sworn Statements & Oaths


•Notarising the Execution of Commercial Contracts


•Authenticating Documents to assist in the opening of Corporate Branch offices or Bank Accounts in or outside of the United Kingdom


•Notarising Commercial Mortgages


•Notarising Statements in Support of  Intellectual Property  Infringements


•Apostille and legalisation service


•Property transactions, transfers, purchases, sales


•Any other documents for use  abroad, which require a notary public stamp



• Notarising Passports and other identification documents


• Powers of attorney


• Certified copies of documents such as exam certificates


• Transfers of land, houses and  shares


• Providing Notarised copies of documents


• Statutory declarations made before a notary public


• Declarations of single status when getting married


• Authenticating the execution of documents


• Permission to let one parent travel with children


• Apostille and legalisation at the relevant  consulate assistance


• Foreign Adoption Applications


• Certificates as to Residency


• Immigration Sponsorship


• International affidavits


• Any other documents for abroad, which require a notary public stamp


For Businesses

notary public : a person who has the authority to act as an official witness when legal documents are signed..

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For Individuals

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